One of the main areas of focus that Farashé excels in is providing clients with a way to achieve a better all around well-being. By relaxing the mind and rejuvenating the body, you will leave renewed and ready to take the world on again each time you leave your appointment. Unlike other day spas in the Greater Columbia, MD, area, we are dedicated to using traditional eastern massage therapy techniques. These methods were specifically designed to target the body’s healing processes that will leave you feeling like new again each time.



The services that Farashé offers are difficult enough to find in the western world and next to impossible to find in Howard County. When you need a better all-natural approach to feel healthier, to remove stress, and to re-balance your body, we have the powerful massage services for you. In addition to the modern massage methods that we offer, our clients can also choose a session of Champissage Massage, Reiki healing massage, or even Shirodhara Treatment.

Champissage Massage is a traditional East Indian massage that targets the upper body and realigns the body’s natural energy centers. By massaging the head, ears, neck, shoulders, and arms, the weight of the world is removed, and you are left feeling relaxed and restored once more. This technique was perfected over the course of a thousand years of practice, and our masseuse has the experience required to administer it.

Shirodhara Treatment comes from East India as well and has long been used for its relaxation effects. This type of massage utilizes soothing oils and liquids applied directly to the forehead. The warm liquid almost immediately promotes a feeling of relaxation, and may even be able to help you in opening up your sinus passageways, and some clients even claim that it helps them sleep better at night. The end results of Shirodhara Treatment are often compared to a session of meditation and are a safe way to relieve stress in a non-invasive method.

Reiki massage is a traditional Japanese form of body massage that is used to promote a better wellness throughout the entire body. Using this method of healing touch is great for those days when you wake up feeling terrible and need a way to reset your body. Reiki has been used for many years to help promote better healing and overall wellness, and it is a practice that we continue to use today.

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Even if you prefer to adhere to Western forms of massage therapy, we are dedicated to offering services that increase everyone’s overall well-being. By relieving stress and detoxifying the body, we promote better internal healing. Our goal is to remove any lingering stress or anxieties from everyday life, allowing you to feel calmer, breathe easier, and feel renewed mentally and physically.

Whether you are looking for your first massage treatment or you are continuing with regular massage therapy, we are here for you. Call today for your best massage and feel renewed again.