Farashé The Day Spa was founded with one simple goal in mind; provide the residents of Columbia, MD, as well as the greater Howard County area, with the best in holistic body treatments, skincare, massage and other healing services. Farashé The Day Spa strongly believes in its responsibility in promoting wellness awareness in our communities, providing easy access to the most effective health services, and enable wellness providers to thrive in a healthy and supportive environment.


Yasemin has spent most of her life learning and becoming proficient in a variety of massage therapy techniques that have been created from all around the world. By bringing together traditional eastern massage medicine and western relaxation massage tactics, our spa is the best place to go to remove stress, anxiety, and toxins obtained through our busy everyday lives.

Shirodhara massage


While we do not claim to cure anyone of medical conditions, we do believe that there many forms of self-care that people can do to reduce stress in their lives. Most health experts agree that stress is the number one cause of more chronic pain and health problems, and is even considered one of the main causes of death. If not treated, stress will wear down your body from the inside out, leading to heart disease, reduced immunity, stroke, even aneurysms. Most people will simply turn to some form of a chemical substance for temporary relief, whether it be ibuprofen, alcohol, or some other harder substance. Not only is this ineffective, but often it is unsustainable; the body can only take so much of one substance, and often this leads to addiction of some kind. Our complementary medicine services utilize natural healing techniques to help you achieve a long-term health state. 

The massage therapy techniques utilized by our spa have been proven to be effective through generations of practice and refining. By offering traditional East Indian and East Asian massage therapies, as well as western massage therapy choices, we have the ideal solution for any pain, stress, and even reduced well-being for more clients.

The healing massage techniques that our spa employs are not readily available in most spas, especially with low-quality body massage chain establishments. These spas only offer a quick and easy massage that temporarily reduces stress, but does little to ensure that it will not return. Our techniques instead focus on leaving you just as relaxed, as well as having the added benefit of promoting a better naturally occurring healing process from within. When other health spas offer a temporary reprieve from daily stress, we want you to stay feeling renewed for longer.

Utilizing safe and natural techniques help to remove toxins from the body. What this achieves is fewer chemicals for the body to intake and sift through, and fewer toxins staying dormant in the body’s cells and blood. You will be amazed at how much more energy you will seem to have, as well as how much healthier you will feel overall.

Our spa is conveniently located just off of the Little Patuxent Parkway. This makes us easy to find from several area shopping centers, as well as making it simple to arrive from anywhere in Columbia. In fact, most clients agree that no matter where you are coming from in Howard County, you will have easy access to better healing methods when you choose us.


Our practitioners have developed their skills for more than ten years. When you choose us for your preferred health spa in Columbia, MD, you can enjoy massage techniques that were specifically designed to relieve stress, tension, daily aches and pains, and to flush toxins out from the body with no harmful chemicals or invasive procedures. When you need to feel renewed, just schedule your appointment with us. Enjoy a full list of spa packages to choose from, including:

– Relaxation/Swedish Massage

– Massage Therapy

– Facial Treatments

– Detoxifying Massage

– Acne Treatment

– Body Hair Waxing

– Body Hair Threading

– Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting

– Healing Massage Techniques

– Body Treatments

– And many more ways to refresh.

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